My Services

I provide virtual consultation services and private therapy sessions to identify and treat voice, speech, and language disorders in children. Improve your toddler's communication skills while also developing cognitive skills, play skills, and confidence prior to entering school. Using a family-centered approach, I work with clients to design custom programs that meet each families unique circumstances. 

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My Family-Centered Philosophy

As an expert in early intervention and speech-language therapy, my goal is to guide parents through early childhood development. I assist parents with a family-centered approach and intervention practices that are tailored to each family's unique circumstances and needs. With my help and facilitation, we will establish your child's foundation for learning and daily routines using specific strategies and activities. Access my services with virtual sessions that conveniently fit into your schedule. 

Please reach out to me today! I look forward to working together.

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My Areas of Expertise
  • Developmental Information: communication, cognitive and play skills

  • Cognitive skills: thinking, learning, problem-solving

  • Communication skills: gesturing, talking, understanding

  • Social-emotional: playing, interactions

  • Self-help: eating, bathing, dressing

  • Physical and sensory skills: crawling, seeing, hearing

  • Language facilitation: face to face communication, imitation

  • Support for behavioral concerns 

  • Concrete activities within everyday routines: feeding, bath, and nighttime


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Services & Expertise