Stacy Sidey

Licensed Speech and Language Pathologist serving clients virtually across the Greater Sacramento Area, Bay Area, and state of California.

As a parent, do you find yourself asking these questions?

  • When should my child point to objects?

  • Should I be concerned if my child has difficulty playing with other children?

  • When should my child use words to communicate?

  • When should my child feed him or herself?

  • When should I discipline my child?

About Me

My name is Stacy Sidey. I am an experienced, nationally certified and state licensed Speech and Language Pathologist offering speech and language therapy service for parents who are seeking support with early childhood development. I earned my Certificate in Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) in 1984, Master's degrees in Communication Disorders and Special Education, and hold certifications in numerous Hanen Programs. My life credentials include Community College, Learning Handicapped and Multiple Subject. Throughout my career, I worked as a Speech and Language Pathologist for both the Amador County Office of Education and Progressus Therapy.

My specialization is to provide high quality early intervention to assist families of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. In my career, I have provided speech and language services for children birth through 21 years since 1982. These services included assessment, therapy, collaboration, and documentation for children. In my pediatric specialization, I provided parents with specific activities to support their families. My therapy has been provided in homes, schools, and clinics. 

I am a wife and mother of three sons. I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren, traveling, and staying active doing pilates and yoga.

Services & Expertise

My Services

I provide virtual consultation services and private therapy sessions to identify and treat voice, speech, and language disorders in children. Improve your toddler's communication skills while also developing cognitive skills, play skills, and confidence prior to entering school. Using a family-centered approach, I work with clients to design custom programs that meet each families unique circumstances. 

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys
Father and Daughter
My Areas of Expertise
  • Developmental Information: communication, cognitive and play skills

  • Cognitive skills: thinking, learning, problem-solving

  • Communication skills: gesturing, talking, understanding

  • Social-emotional: playing, interactions

  • Self-help: eating, bathing, dressing

  • Physical and sensory skills: crawling, seeing, hearing

  • Language facilitation: face to face communication, imitation

  • Support for behavioral concerns 

  • Concrete activities within everyday routines: feeding, bath, and nighttime

A Family-Centered Philosophy

As an expert in early intervention and speech-language therapy, my goal is to guide parents through early childhood development. I assist parents with a family-centered approach and intervention practices that are tailored to each family's unique circumstances and needs. With my help and facilitation, we will establish your child's foundation for learning and daily routines using specific strategies and activities. Access my services with virtual sessions that conveniently fit into your schedule. 

Please reach out to me today! I look forward to working together.

Mother with her Child

A parent

"You have become so special to our family!  You have gone above and beyond for us.  You will never know how much we appreciate you!"

A parent

"I can not express enough how thankful I am for being good to me and my son.  You make us feel important to the work that you do."

A parent

"I see an amazing amount of growth and accomplishment in my son.  I know it is largely thanks to you and your work with us."

*Actual testimonials with changed names in accordance with HIPPA  

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